Think she's pregnant?
We know that an unplanned pregnancy can be a challenging time for you too. We are here to help you too!
Be there.

She needs you now more than ever and so does your unborn child. Chose to be a part of their lives and let them be a part of yours. Together, you can make it through this and here are some tools to help you.


All of this is new to her too. She has a lot of questions and she needs someone to talk to. Listen to her. Let her know that you understand that her world, and yours, is changing. It is very likely that both of you feel like you are alone. But you are not. You have each other and you need each other now more than ever. 


You have questions, concerns, fears, feelings, just like she does. Talk about it. Ask questions. Tell her the truth. Keep the lines of communication open. 


Get help. Ask questions. Educate yourself. We are here to help. We have classes and counseling availabel for you too! There is no operating manual for fatherhood. But, there are lots of resouces out there to help you be successful. 

FREE CLASSES FOR DADS Every Tuesday in Februrary 2021. Register HERE!


Don't run. Avoiding the situation will not make it go away. Take responsibility for your actions and choices. You can do this. 

Don't pressure her. It is okay to express your feelings and concerns, but now is the time for you to make decsisons together. 

Don't go through this alone. You do not have to and neither does she. Let us help you.