Hear what others are saying about their experience.

(Names and images changed for confidentiality.)

"This is such a wonderful place. Everyone is always so sweet and caring. They have showed my kids and I so much love. They teach you so many things! I have four kids and I thought I knew everything, but I was wrong- the things I learned helped me a lot, not only for my baby, but for my toddlers and older kids."

                                                                                                 - "J" Former Client

"This place helped save my life! I was going through a hard time & the Pregnancy Help Center was there for me throughout & after my whole pregnancy!! My son now has everything he needs by the grace of God. This place has helped me overcome so much on a spiritual level. The classes are extremely helpful in my life and I am grateful to be able to continue going here, even after my son was born. I recommend this place to every pregnant mom. Don’t miss out on such a beautiful place. A blessing from God."

                                                                                                -"W". Former Client

"The women here have been mentors, teachers, and so loving to me from the minute I stepped foot in this place. I have been coming almost every week since I was 8 wks pregnant. My daughter is now 2 months and I'm still coming to take classes. I've been blessed and have recieved soooo much of the stuff I need for my baby- from a changing table, all the way to diapers and wipes. I'm forever thankful!"

                                                                                               -"P." Former Client