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Have you experienced an abortion in the past?

Have you experienced an abortion in the past? Many women have struggled with grief, shame, depression, and repressed memories. Secrecy and shame are a destructive combination as women are forced to endure the long-lasting effects of an abortion and thinking that they are all alone.

But, you are not alone. You might be surprised how many woman know exactly how you feel, but do not believe they have a safe place to talk about it. 

We want to invite you to join others on their journey of healing. We are offerring an 8 week session designed to help you heal from the heartbreak of abortion called Surrendering the Secret. We have room for 6 women. 

For more details, contact Trina Stegeman at 713.505.8007 or via email: Trinasteg@gmail.com.

Our next course begins January 27, 2021.